Many homeowners underestimate the importance of getting routine air conditioning services. Some of them feel that it is an unnecessary expense. They may not contact an AC system contractor until something goes awry. By that time, they will likely face serious repair issues that could have been prevented by seeking routine maintenance services. Another serious consequence of not getting AC system maintenance is forfeiting the manufacturer's warranty. Many manufacturers require homeowners to provide proof that their systems have been maintained by licensed contractors.

Leaking ductwork is a common issue that may be discovered during routine services. Homeowners may have several issues that are related to their ductwork. Maintenance includes inspecting critical portions of the systems such as the air ducts. It may also include cleaning them. The following points highlight a few things that can happen if a home has leaky ductwork.

Uneven Temperatures

There are a variety of HVAC repair issues that can cause some rooms in a home to be hotter or cooler than others. Leaky ducts are a common culprit because the leaks allow air to be lost before it can be dispersed through air vents. The leaks occur through cracks or holes in the ductwork. Most homeowners never see the ductwork in their homes and are unaware that the damage is present. This is because ductwork is typically behind walls and ceilings.

Shortened Lifespan or Frequent AC Repair Services

The lifespan of an HVAC system may be negatively impacted if there are air duct issues. This may happen due to the system needing to work harder to produce heat or to cool a home. Homeowners may eventually start to experience frequent repair issues, which is a good indicator that a furnace or AC replacement is likely in the near future.

Poor Air Quality

Indoor air quality can be affected by leaky ducts because backdrafts may occur and cause allergens such as dust and pollen to be released into a home through air vents. This can make seasonal allergies worse for sufferers. Spring and summer are the most common seasons when individuals rely on their AC systems. This is why it is a good idea to seek AC services that include ductwork inspections during seasonal changes in weather. 

An HVAC contractor is a good resource to use to learn more about the importance of routine air conditioning services. They can also replace leaky ductwork. These routine services can improve energy efficiency, and indoor comfort, and ensure that systems operate safely. 

For more information, contact an air conditioning service near you.