As the summer weather heats up, it's important to pay attention to how your air conditioning system is running. It is common for your system to show signs that it is starting to break before it fully stops working. When you identify problems early on and get them repaired, you are less likely to have a complete system failure. If you find a leak coming from one of your units, the system keeps turning on and off without cooling the home, or you can't seem to regulate the temperature, it's time to have your air conditioning repaired.

Dealing With Small Repairs

Small problems will lead to your system working extra hard to keep you comfortable. You might have a system that needs to have the air filters changed, which will cause you to spend more money on utility costs. When the air conditioner is not getting enough air because of dirty filters, it will strain to cool off your home. Any leaks should be checked right away, as this can be a simple clogged drain that will ruin your walls or floor if it is allowed to keep leaking. When your system is not working normally, it helps to have your system checked by a technician.

The Air Conditioning Short Cycles

Short cycling is when the AC turns on and off without changing the temperature in your home. This can occur because of clogged air filters, the thermostat is broken, you have the thermostat set to fan, or there is a problem with ice buildup on the condenser coils. You might have an electrical issue contributing to the short cycling. If you keep hearing the system turn on and off without cooling your home down, an ac repair is needed.

Your System is Blowing Hot Air

The first thing to do when your AC is blowing hot air is to make sure the thermostat is not set to fan or heat. If you have the thermostat on cool, the refrigerant level in your system could be low. You will want a technician to come and check the refrigerant levels, and to see if there is a leak in the system.

If you notice odd noises, or your system won't keep your home cool, an AC repair technician should be called. If you keep running a system that is not efficient, you will only be wasting money on utility costs to try and cool your home.

Contact an air conditioning repair contractor to learn more.