If your air conditioner is not cooling your home, the best thing you can do is to hire a professional HVAC contractor to make the necessary repairs to your system. If you think you can troubleshoot your system yourself, there are some things you can do and may be able to repair yourself. Read below for what you should know if your air conditioning system is not cooling your home as it should.

Check For A Refrigerant Leak

If your system is not cooling your home, it may be because your system is out of refrigerant. If it just started, you may be able to check for a refrigerant leak. This can occur if you have a small hole in the refrigerant line. To check for holes in the line or for leaks, you can use bubbles on the line and look for bubbling on the line. If you see bubbling, more than likely you have a refrigerant leak and will not only need the line replaced, but you will also need more refrigerant. Refilling the refrigerant in the system is going to be something that you will need to hire a professional HVAC to do for you, as you need to be licensed to handle refrigerant.

Clear All Of Your Vents

If the vents around your home are blocked by furniture or aren't open at all, the cool air isn't going to come through the vents as it should, and you'll have warm pockets throughout your home. You need to clear all of the vents around your home and ensure there is proper airflow throughout your entire home. You need to also clean these vents to ensure there isn't any debris and dirt in the vents that may be causing a disruption in the flow of air throughout your home.

Clear A Perimeter Around Your Condensing Unit

If you have anything blocking the condensing unit outside of your home, you may be blocking the flow of air to your unit, and it may cause your unit to choke without enough airflow. The condensing unit needs enough room all the way around the perimeter of the unit in order to get the proper flow of air to the system so it can properly cool your home. Ensure you have a clear perimeter to prevent an air conditioning breakdown.

If you have any issues with your air conditioning system, you should hire a professional HVAC repair company to repair your system for you. Use the tips above to help prevent a breakdown of your system. 

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