Furnace maintenance is an essential home chore no matter how old your furnace is. Both new and old furnaces need regular checks and cleaning so they operate properly. You'll probably be advised to have furnace maintenance done once each year, and this could even be a requirement for your warranty. Here's a look at what professional furnace maintenance entails.

The Maintenance Technician Services Parts

Some parts in your furnace might need to be lubricated or tightened. The exact maintenance steps needed depends on the type of furnace you have. Parts that wear down are checked for damage to see if they need to be replaced before they break down. By servicing these parts, the risk of furnace failure is reduced once you're running your heat every day in the winter.

The Furnace Is Cleaned

Cleaning may not seem like an essential task, but it's very important for a furnace, especially a gas furnace. If a furnace gets too dirty and becomes coated with soot or dust, it may shut down and not put out any heat. A dirty furnace may even become unsafe to operate.

The furnace maintenance technician can clean the combustion area so the burners are clean and the safety devices operate properly. They may also clean the blower so your furnace can put out the right amount of air to keep your home warm.

They May Offer Helpful Tips

While the furnace maintenance technician may only come once a year, you'll need to keep your furnace clean all winter. The maintenance technician can show you how to change the filter if you don't know how and they'll explain the importance of changing the filter regularly. They might also advise you not to block any vents and to keep the registers free from dust since the proper amount of airflow is essential for the best operation of the furnace.

They'll Recommend Repairs If Needed

A furnace maintenance call may not take too long, and if the technician finds a problem that needs repairs and additional costs, they'll let you know so you can approve the work and schedule it for later. By keeping up with regular maintenance visits, you might not need many repairs, but parts tend to wear down with age, so replacing some parts is to be expected.

By catching these parts before they fail, you can keep your furnace in good shape and prevent going without heat due to a breakdown during the winter. Plus, a furnace that's clean and has parts that function optimally may even be cheaper to operate, and that might result in lower energy bills during the winter.

For more information on furnace maintenance, contact a company near you.