The air conditioning system that you have in your home will be important for ensuring your home's interior is a comfortable place to be even on days when it is extremely hot outside. As a result, it can become a major issue when the air conditioning system starts to malfunction or suffer performance problems. While homeowners may be aware that this problem is occurring, they may not know the types of repairs that some common issues will require.

Musty Smells When The AC System Is Running

Mold and mildew growing in the air conditioning unit can lead to it producing fairly unpleasant odors when it is being used. In addition to being unpleasant to smell, this can also contribute to the air quality in the building dropping substantially. If you are noticing this issue with your system, you will need to have the AC unit and the ducting that guides the air from it cleaned and sanitized. This is necessary to eliminate the mold or mildew as well as the spores that it may have spread throughout the ducting.

Little Or No Airflow From The System

A lack of airflow from the system can be a significant drag on its performance. If you notice that there is less air coming from the AC system when it is running, the air filters should be one of the first components that you evaluate since a thick layer of dust, dirt, or even hair can significantly reduce the air intake for the system. If this fails to remedy the issue, it may indicate that there is a mechanical problem with the blower. Unfortunately, this is a more complicated and costly problem to repair. Furthermore, the performance issues with the blower will likely continue to worsen over time until it suffers a complete failure.

Ice Developing On The Exterior

In some instances, a homeowner may notice that there is a thick layer of ice forming over their air conditioning unit. This ice can often be the result of the coils of the system becoming dusty, which can trap condensation and lead to it freezing. When your air conditioning system develops a thick layer of ice over it, it should be turned off immediately. Running the unit with this layer of ice on it can cause irreparable damage to the system, which may force you to completely replace the unit. Once the system has thawed and the ice has melted away, it should be thoroughly cleaned and inspected by an AC repair technician.

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