Your air conditioner relies on a compressor to blow cold air through your home. It is an integral part of your AC unit, and a problem with it may damage other components or even cause a complete breakdown of the whole system. If you suspect your compressor is damaged, call an  AC contractor immediately for a detailed inspection and timely solution. But how do you know if your AC compressor is damaged? Here are the top four signs you should not overlook.

1. The Compressor Is Not Running

This is perhaps the most apparent indicator your AC compressor is damaged. A compressor that is not working means your home will not get cold air at all. You need to check whether the fan is working. If yes, now check the condensing unit and turn on the compressor. Is it working? If not, chances are it is faulty. Do not take your toolbox and attempt to rectify the defect; you could cause more damage. Instead, get on a call with a certified AC contractor to fix the issue effectively.

2. Banging Sound

A slight sound coming from your AC unit when your turn it on is not a reason to worry. But if the sound is frequent, banging, and deafening, your AC might be defective, and a damaged compressor could be the culprit. In most cases, the banging sound may signify that your compressor is struggling to start, and a breakdown is imminent. If left unattended, this issue may lead to more damage and increase the repair costs. 

3. Your AC Is Blowing Warm Air

The air coming out of your AC should be cold. If you notice that your AC is blowing warm air, your compressor might be to blame. This occurs when the compressor is not pumping the refrigerant due to a lack of cooling power. Ask an air conditioning repair contractor to come and address the issue before it worsens or necessitates a compressor replacement.

4. High Power Bills

Are you spending more money to keep your home cool than necessary? If so, your AC compressor could be working overtime to keep your home comfortable. Check the circuit breaker; if it is tripping time and again, it means your compressor is overheating and consuming more energy. Contact an AC repair technician to address the problem.

Is your air conditioner exhibiting any of the above signs? This could be your compressor begging for repair. Contact an AC repair contractor for additional information about air conditioning repair