If you are like many American homeowners, you have some kind of heating system to keep your home comfortably warm during the cold season. While today's home heating systems are built to withstand the demands of everyday use, they are not entirely foolproof. They can develop problems over time and will need to be repaired to run smoothly and efficiently again.

If you rely on a gas furnace to keep your home toasty in winter, you should know the various problems you may face with it. This way, you can determine the kind of repairs that will have to be carried out when a heating failure occurs in your home.

Highlighted below are some common problems with gas furnaces.

Filthy Air Filters

Is the blower in your furnace running but there is no hot air coming out of the home's supply-air ducts? This is one of the most obvious signs of dirty air filters.

Dirty air filters prevent proper airflow within your furnace. When the airflow in your furnace is restricted, the heat exchanger can overheat and shut off before heated air has been sent through the ductwork and into your home. As a result, your living space won't warm up.

Filthy filters can either be cleaned or replaced depending on the type of filters your furnace is equipped with. If you have reusable filters, they can be removed and cleaned multiple times before they eventually require a replacement. If you have single-use filters, they will need to be replaced after a single application only.

Fatigued Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger is the component of your residential furnace located between the combustion chamber and the blower. Its job is to transfer heated air from the furnace to another to your home's ductwork.

The heat exchanger needs to be properly sealed to prevent flue gases such as carbon monoxide from escaping the furnace and contaminating your home's indoor air. It can become brittle over time and eventually crack or snap. When this happens, it may start allowing flue air to enter your home, adversely affecting the indoor air quality.

If your home's furnace has a leaky heat exchanger, it will need to be replaced to keep the breathable air supply clean and healthy.

Dirty air filters and worn-out heat exchangers are not the only factors that can result in gas furnace problems. Gas furnaces comprise many other wear parts that could also lead to heating failures. If you see any signs of heating issues with your residential furnace, contact an HVAC contractor from a place like Powder  River Heating &  Air Conditioning Inc immediately.