With summer temperatures hovering near triple digits in many places, air-conditioning systems are working overtime. Unfortunately, when it's needed the most is often the most common time for malfunctions to appear. If you're having issues with your home's central air conditioner maintaining a cool enough temperature in your home, you may need to reach out to a local air-conditioning technician for help. Here's a look at a few common culprits for air-conditioning insufficiencies.

Is The Condenser Coil Clean?

The condenser coil is located inside the outdoor compressor unit for your air conditioner. This coil is responsible for releasing heat that's removed from the indoor air. When the condenser coil is dirty, it can't adequately release that heat. This can lead to cooling inefficiencies in your air conditioner due to the heat buildup. As a result, your air conditioner will run longer, work harder, and may wear out faster.

Before you check the condenser coil, make sure you shut the air-conditioning system down completely. Then, you can remove the case from the outside compressor unit and inspect it. If it's dirty, you can vacuum dirt and debris away from the condenser, wipe it down, straighten the fins, and see if that helps to restore operation. If not, reach out to an air-conditioning technician for more help.

Is The Evaporator Coil Frozen?

The evaporator coil contains a consistent flow of the air conditioner's refrigerant. This unit draws heat out of the air that passes over the coils, helping to cool the air before it passes into your home. When the airflow through your system is reduced, the evaporator coil doesn't have enough heat passing over it from the air, which can cause it to freeze up. When the coil is frozen, it cannot work effectively. This leads to warm air blowing through your air-conditioning vents.

Shut down the air conditioner and remove the case to check the evaporator coil. If it's frozen, you should leave the system powered off for a few hours to allow that coil to thaw. Once it's thawed, make sure that it's clean. Then, look for the airflow culprit. You may have a dirty, clogged air filter or a blocked air intake. If you can't see the problem, call an air-conditioning repair technician. They can troubleshoot it and find the air blockage.

These are two of the most common problems you might encounter with your home's air-conditioning system. Talk with an air-conditioning system technician near you today for more help and support.