Annual air conditioner maintenance is important because if you get lax about it, your AC could break down and the warranty might be jeopardized. Many things are involved in residential cooling system maintenance. Here are some problems the technician looks for.

Dirty Equipment

Dust and grime are bad for your AC. You can keep the dirt to a minimum by changing the filter regularly. If the dirt builds up, the AC may not be able to cool your home very well, and some equipment might fail. The maintenance technician may need to clean the blower area so the blower can spin optimally and create a forceful stream of air. The coils may also need to be cleaned since dirty coils can't cool your home, and they might even ice over.


Leaks from your AC aren't a good sign. It's normal for your AC to drip water due to condensation, but the drips should land in a pan so they're contained. If water spills over the pan, the pan might have a hole, the float switch might be bad, or the drain might be clogged.

The repair technician finds the problem and fixes it so your AC doesn't leak all summer long. That could lead to water damage and rust on the air handler, as well as mold and mildew growth.

Another leak that might develop is in a refrigerant line. The technician can check for a leak by testing the pressure in the system. If the pressure is low, the leak has to be hunted down so repairs can be done because your AC won't keep your home cool without the proper level of refrigerant.

Loose Connections

Loose wiring connections can cause your AC to malfunction, especially if the wiring involves the thermostat controls. When the technician does annual maintenance, they also check the electronic parts of your equipment. Loose wires are tightened so the proper amount of power flows to the blower, control panel, and condenser.

The technician might also check the capacitors and motors with a multimeter to make sure they have readings in the normal range. Parts that are worn out are replaced or repaired before they break down. In this way, annual cooling maintenance could spare you the inconvenience of a breakdown and the need for repairs later.

You'll also need to change the filter regularly and keep the air conditioner clean and unobstructed, but annual service from a licensed professional is essential when it comes to the proper operation and longevity of your air conditioner.