Two of the most important HVAC services your furnace and air conditioner need are annual maintenance and cleaning. It doesn't matter if your HVAC is brand new or if it is near the end of its life, routine maintenance will help prevent breakdowns and make your HVAC operate more efficiently.

A Clean HVAC Heats And Cools Your Home Better

There are two HVAC services involved with an annual visit. One is cleaning, and the other is servicing the parts. Cleaning may not seem important, but if your HVAC gets dusty or coated with soot, the air conditioner or furnace can't work very well. Your HVAC may even shut down so it won't overheat.

The evaporator coils need to be kept clean for your air conditioner to cool your home well. Unfortunately, the coils get dusty and grimy easily, especially when you forget to change the filter. When you have annual cleaning of the AC, the coils will get cleaned at least once a year, and by doing that, you can prevent your AC from freezing over. Clean coils can also chill your home much better, so you won't waste money on your power bills simply because of a dirty air conditioner.

A furnace needs to be cleaned, too so that soot doesn't build up in the combustion area and cause problems with the ignition or burner. Since soot can even be a danger, your furnace may shut down as a protective measure when there is too much, and that could leave you in the cold.

Preventative Maintenance Keeps The Parts Working

When you're in your home all the time, you may not notice when your HVAC isn't working optimally. However, when an HVAC technician looks in the AC or furnace, they can tell when parts are headed for trouble. The technician might need to tighten wiring connections, replace a belt, straighten condenser fins, align the fan blades, and make other repairs. They may also lubricate parts, measure voltage, and test the thermostat.

Your AC needs HVAC services once a year, and so does your furnace. That means the HVAC technician should visit your home in the spring and fall to service the equipment that's getting ready for a season of heavy use. Regular cleaning and maintenance won't guarantee your equipment will never have trouble, but proper care reduces the risk of problems.

Additionally, regular maintenance may even be required by the manufacturer in case you ever need to use the warranty. Make it a habit to schedule visits in the spring and fall so you never forget to keep your HVAC equipment in the best shape possible. Contact an HVAC service for more information