A hybrid water heater combines the features of the traditional hot water tank and the tankless water heater. It extracts and compresses heat from surrounding air to heat water, and as a result, the unit consumes less energy than the conventional hot water systems. Unlike the traditional tanked system, it only heats water on demand. However, the efficiency of this system is highly dependent on the installation location. Therefore, consider these factors when deciding where to place your hybrid water heater.

Proximity to Hot Water Taps

As with any water heater, you need to consider the distance between the unit and the hot water taps. If the hot water has to travel across the house, it will lose some of the heat to the atmosphere. Thus, you have to insulate the hot water pipes or set the base temperature higher to account for the loss. Therefore, when installing your hybrid heater, try to find a location closest to the hot water taps. If this isn't possible, you can install it near the highest demand taps for maximum efficiency.

Available Installation Space

Hybrid water heaters are taller than conventional hot water tanks as they come with a heat pump. Thus, they require adequate space for installation. Additionally, they collect heat from the surrounding air to heat the water. You can't install them in a closeted space as this will affect their efficiency. Choose a location with adequate overhead clearance. There should also be enough space around the heater. A room with a decent amount of free space will provide enough air to support the functionality of the unit.

Ambient Temperatures in Chosen Location

Installing a hybrid water heater in a room with low temperatures all year round will be counterproductive. There will be little heat to absorb, and this will cause the heater to consume more electrical energy to heat the water. Therefore, avoid cold spaces such as the basement. Instead, you can install it in an insulated garage or a room in your home. However, choose a location where noise won't be a problem.

Possibility of Installing Heater Near the Boiler

One of the best installation locations for a hybrid heater is near the broiler or furnace. These systems generate a lot of heat as they warm or cool a home. Therefore, the air surrounding them has enough heat to support the functioning of the hybrid water heater. If it's possible to place the heater near your furnace, do it. However, if this isn't a choice, you can consider other locations that will maximize efficiency.

A hybrid water heater requires adequate air and high ambient temperatures to operate efficiently. Consult an expert if you need help figuring out the perfect location for the water heater installation.