Modern HVAC systems are core components of most homes and businesses. However, individuals should avoid assuming that standard central air conditioning systems are the best HVAC option for their home. Ductless systems can also be extremely effective for regulating the temperature and humidity levels inside your home.

Why Opt For A Ductless HVAC System For The Home?

One of the primary reasons for opting for a ductless system will be due to lacking enough space to accommodate the elaborate ducting system. Rather than using very large ducting to transport the air throughout the home, ductless systems will utilize a series of small tubes that can be as effective at transporting the air from the HVAC system to the home's interior. Another common reason for using ductless HVAC systems is using zoned HVAC systems as these systems will often require several HVAC units with their own paths for transporting air into the home.

Is It Possible For Ductless HVAC Systems To Provide Warm And Cool Air?

A homeowner may assume that a ductless HVAC system will only be able to provide either cold or warm air. However, these systems can actually be able to provide homeowners with both cool and warm air. You will have to be sure to choose a ductless HVAC system that can provide both. This can be important for those that are opting for a zoned HVAC system as this will allow you to easily customize the temperatures for the various zones in the home. For example, you may have times where you may need to have cool air blowing into one room while warmer air is provided to other areas of the house.

Are Ductless HVAC Systems Harder To Keep Running?

Concerns about the maintenance needs that the HVAC system will require can lead to some homeowners overlooking the option of using ductless systems. Often, these individuals will assume that ductless HVAC systems will always be far more maintenance-intensive than other types of heating and cooling systems. This can be due to the fact that a home that uses a ductless HVAC system will likely require multiple HVAC systems to cool and warm the home. However, these individual units will require fairly little in terms of maintenance from the homeowner, such as cleaning. They will need to be professionally serviced every couple of years, but this is a task that any HVAC system will need. Ductless systems with multiple units will take slightly longer to service, but this should only be a marginal impact.

To learn more about ductless HVAC systems, reach out to a local HVAC contractor.