Looking to upgrade the comfort level of your house? If you live in an older home, then you may be stuck with traditional window air conditioning units during the sweltering summer months. Most newer homes come with central air systems, but retrofitting these systems into an existing house can sometimes be cost-prohibitive.

If you're looking for a cheaper alternative that beats window units, then a mini-split may be a perfect fit. These units can keep your home cool and comfortable while offering the potential for serious cost savings. Check out these three reasons ways that a mini-split system can help you to save money this summer.

1. Cheaper Installation

Although mini-split units are often more expensive than the components of a central air conditioning system, installation costs can often be drastically cheaper. If your home does not have easily accessible areas for ductwork, then installing a traditional ducted system can be disruptive and expensive. You may be stuck with a significant amount of clean-up when work is done, as well.

Since mini-split systems consist of an integrated evaporator unit and air handler, there is no need to install ductwork throughout your home. Installers will run refrigerant plumbing along your home's exterior, minimizing the need for destructive modifications. For multiple zones, you can add additional units without requiring extra supply and return air ductwork.

2. Less Loss of Air

Traditional central air systems suffer from one primary source of inefficiency: ductwork losses. Since the evaporator and air handler unit are typically located in unconditioned spaces, air must travel through ducts to reach the rooms of your house. Along the way, insufficient insulation or ductwork problems may lead to a loss of cold air.

Mini-spit systems sidestep this problem by locating the evaporator directly in the conditioned part of your home. This design increases the efficiency of the entire system, reducing the energy required to cool your home. By zoning your home with multiple units, you can realize further gains by cooling only the occupied parts of your home.

3. Reversible Heating

Many mini-split systems use heat pumps, which are effectively reversible air conditioners. By making use of a heat pump, your mini-split system can function as both an air conditioner and a heater. Heat pumps are particularly efficient in warmer climates, making mini-split well-suited to areas with mild winters.

If you are sick of installing and removing window units every summer, then a mini-split system may offer a convenient, affordable, and efficient alternative to central air systems. Contact a professional who provides air conditioner installation services to learn more.