The winter months can be hard on your plumbing appliances and fixtures. Soon enough, winter will be over and spring will be here. As the weather starts to warm up, there are a few things that you should do to help prepare your plumbing appliances, fixtures, and pipes for spring. Here are a few of the tips that can help you with this task. 

Check for Leaks Around Your Home

One of the things that you should do after the winter months is to check for leaks around your home. You should inspect every sink to ensure it is not dripping water, as well as looking under cabinets to ensure there are not any leaks coming from the pipes. Also take the time to walk outside and check your hose spigots and sprinkler system for leaks. During the winter months, freezing pipes can lead to small cracks developing in pipes and connections. Looking for leaks allows you to catch any leaks from frozen pipes or from age that can cause water waste. 

Flush Your Hot Water Heater

A hot water heater is typically stored in an outside cabinet or in the garage. During the winter months, it has to run longer to keep your water warm, because it is fighting against the cold outside temperatures. On top of this, sediment and debris from the water can end up sinking to the bottom of the tank, and can impact your tank's ability to efficiently heat water. It is recommended that you flush your hot water heater both before and after winter to help remove that sediment and help your tank to run efficiently. 

Get Your Sump Pump Cleaned and Maintained

During the spring months, a sump pump in your basement may be used frequently thanks to melting snow and spring rain showers. Before either of these occur, you want to get your sump pump cleaned and maintained to help ensure that your unit is able to handle water, allowing it to prevent basement flooding. 

Preparing your plumbing for spring is not always something you can do on your own. Many people do not know how to fix any leaks they find or how to flush a hot water heater. If you are looking to get your plumbing ready for spring, but do not want to do so on your own, residential plumbing services can help. Now is the perfect time to reach out to residential plumbing services and schedule your appointment to get all of your pipes, plumbing fixtures, and plumbing appliances looked at after a hard winter and ready for the spring months.