You rely on your home's air conditioning to help keep your home comfortable throughout the summer. However, what happens when the very thing you count on for comfort is the same thing that's contaminating your home? Would you know if your home's air conditioner was harboring mold inside it? Here's a look at what you need to know about air conditioning systems and mold growth.

Why Are Air Conditioners At Risk For Mold?

Mold thrives in damp, dark spaces. Air conditioners extract moisture from the air, creating damp areas inside the condenser case. That's a prime dark, damp area for mold to thrive. Since the condenser unit is an enclosed case and one that you don't do much with, mold could be growing in there for quite some time before you even realize it.

Have You Overlooked Subtle Signs Of Mold Growth In Your Air Conditioner?

When mold starts growing in your home's air conditioner, that presence is not without some indications over time. The fact is that there are often indications so subtle that you overlook them until it becomes impossible to ignore.

For example, you might start noticing that there's a musty odor in the air in your home every time your air conditioning unit turns on. Musty smells are usually a key indicator of mold growth, so if you start smelling musty odors, you'll want to call an HVAC technician for an inspection and maintenance.

Persistent respiratory issues can also be indications of mold presence. Mold is a serious problem for those with respiratory sensitivities and spore allergies. As a result, it can lead to recurring respiratory problems and worsening illnesses that need attention. If you've noticed problems like this, and have faced repeated doctor's visits, that means you might have mold growing in your air conditioning.

If left for too long, the mold growing inside your condenser unit may gradually work its way to the openings of the unit where it will be visible. If you can see mold growth, it's definitely time to reach out to a repair technician for help.

What Can An HVAC Technician Do For You?

If you have reason to suspect that there's a mold problem in your HVAC system, a repair technician can inspect and clean the entire system for you. They know how to deal with mold in the units and how to keep it from coming back. Routine maintenance and cleaning will also keep mold at bay inside your air conditioner.

Reach out to an air conditioning company to learn more.