If you have a commercial property that you are remodeling, you may want to do a lot of the work yourself. Although you can certainly save some money when you go the DIY route, if you don't know what you're doing it can also cost you quite a bit of money. Rather than attempting to do things like plumbing on your own, you should consider hiring a commercial plumber to help you get the job done just right. But what exactly can a commercial plumber help you out with? Read on.

The Toilet

Toilets aren't something that you want installed improperly. Whether you have small individual bathrooms or large commercial bathrooms with multiple stalls in them, make sure that you hire a commercial plumber to help you with this. Your commercial plumber will remove your toilets at first, and then they will install all of the new toilets as well. Typically, you will have the plumber remove the toilet and then a flooring person will come to take out the floor and install new flooring. Once that is complete, and the flooring has time to set, then they will install the new toilets for you. 

Drinking Fountains

Having a drinking fountain in the hallway of a commercial property is a must-have if you have a lot of tenants who have clients coming in and out. However, if you don't currently have the plumbing connections for a drinking fountain, then you will want to hire a commercial plumber to set them up for you. Your plumber will access the main water line, get the plumbing all ready, and then they will install the drinking fountain for you. 

Waterlines for Fires

Another thing that your plumber can help you with is installing water lines in your ceiling for sprinklers. In order to meet fire codes, you will need to have something in place like sprinklers in your ceiling just in case a fire breaks out. But, the fire department can't do all of that work for you; your commercial plumber will have to help you with all of that. 

As you can see, there are several things that are worth hiring a commercial plumber to help you with. Before you even get near the pipes on your property, call a company such as ACE Home Services to come and lend you a hand; it may save you a lot of money in the long run.