If your home's old heating unit has finally bit the dust, you may be getting ready to have a new one installed. And, while the HVAC company's workers will be doing the work of installing the furnace, you may wonder if there is anything you can do to help. As the day of the installation approaches, use the following tips to get your home ready for the workers who will be installing your new furnace.

1.  Make Sure the Workers Have Clear Pathways

One thing you can do before the workers arrive with your new furnace is to clear pathways for them. Not only will ensuring that the installers have clear areas in which to work make it easier and safer on them, but it will also decrease the chances of something in your home being damaged accidentally.

Make sure the path between the door they will be coming through and the final location of the furnace is cleared of any obstacles. Especially if you are expecting a large unit. You may need to get help with moving furniture out of the way.

Then, clear the area where your furnace will go, as well as take anything off the surrounding walls, including an adjacent wall. If the workers need to drill or hammer on the walls during the installation, removing any items will eliminate the risk of them falling off.

2.  Close and Clear the Areas Around Your Vents

Once you have cleared all paths for the workers, the next thing you should do is go around to each vent in your home and close them. Since removing your old furnace and installing a new one can stir up a lot of dirt and dust, closing the vents will help contain the debris and keep it from spreading throughout your house.

Also, make sure that all of the vents are accessible by clearing the area. The workers may want to inspect your ductwork to make sure it is ready for the new furnace, so they may need to look at each vent to see if anything needs to be repaired or replaced.

Using the tips above to help get your house ready for the workers can help them work faster while protecting your possessions from accidental damage. For more information on what you can do to get ready for your new furnace installation, speak with the service that will be doing the job.