Your HVAC system has a big responsibility. It keeps you cool for half of the year and warm for the rest of the year. It also helps improve the air in your home by removing impurities and allergens. Without an HVAC system in good working order, these things are not possible — or they are and will cost you money in repairs and replacement costs, or energy bills. To help improve your HVAC system, read on for tips.

Clean Your Vents

Clean the vents around your home, including wall vents and floor vents, returns, and intakes. Remove the vents themselves and clean them with soap and water, then use a shop vacuum or vacuum with an extension to get inside the vents to vacuum out all of the dust, pet hair, and other dander/debris from the vents. Reach into the vents as far as possible to remove as much debris as you can. Repeat for every vent around your home.

Swap Out Air Filters

Remove your old air filter in your system and replace it with a brand-new one that is the same size. This is a task that should be done every other month, or sooner if your house has a lot of dander. To help trap even more allergens, especially if anyone in your home has breathing problems, use a HEPA air filter that has more layers. Pull out the old air filter and slide the new one inside the same way you removed the old one.

Clean Your Systems

The actual systems in your home should also be cleaned. Open up your furnace after turning off the power/gas to the unit. Then use a vacuum and extension to clean the inside of the unit. Also be sure to remove any clutter from around the unit that may have been put there for storage. Clean the exterior condensing unit for your air conditioner as well. Spray it down with the garden hose and straighten any bent fins with a blunt knife. Remove any obstructions from around the unit such as tall grass, weeds, and plants/shrubbery.

Your HVAC system may be in need of some improvement and maintenance. This will help prevent costly repair bills, replacement costs, and excessive energy bills. If you aren't sure how to perform the tasks listed above, hire a professional HVAC technician to do the work for you. Some HVAC companies offer maintenance services that will cover this type of work each season. Call a professional today.