Homes that suffer from poor furnace maintenance are often much colder than necessary. However, you just installed a new furnace, and your house is still too cold. Even worse, your heating bill is incredibly high! What is going on here and why might your thermostat be to blame?

Old-Fashioned Thermostats May Be Improperly Placed

In the old days, thermostats were not as well understood as they are these days by HVAC experts. Often, they were put in locations that were further away from the furnace than may have been strictly necessary. The idea was often to get thermostats wherever they would fit in a home. 

As a result, it isn't uncommon for a thermostat to be all the way across the house from the furnace or nowhere near a heating vent. Unfortunately, this situation can not only make your home cold but may trigger common furnace issues, such as rapid cycling concerns.

Poor Placement May Trigger Rapid Cycling

A thermostat too far from your furnace will not only make your home too cold but can also trigger a problem via rapid cycling. This situation occurs when the temperature is uneven, and it forces the furnace to start and restart multiple times. While malfunctions with the heater can also cause this problem, poor thermostat placement can also contribute to it.

As a result, your heater will kick on and off multiple times through the day and drive up your heating bill. Even worse, this poor furnace operation won't create a warmer temperature in your home but can instead make it colder. Therefore, it is important to fix this problem right away.

Fixing This Problem

The only thing to do in this case is to relocate the position of your thermostat to a location closer to your furnace. Typically, most HVAC experts or furnace installation professionals will place a thermostat in a central location of the house. This helps to control your heat in a more reasonable manner.

However, you may have to relocate your thermostat in a different way or even add a new one to different areas of the house. Adding a new thermostat allows you to track the heat level through your home and get an average. At this point, you can use the average to control your furnace heating methods.

So if your heating bills are too high and your home is too cold, don't hesitate to contact a furnace repair expert right away. These professionals will work hard to identify what is happening and will provide you with the high-quality thermostat relocation that you deserve.