If you are purchasing a new home then there are three different things you need to know about its HVAC system. Armed with this information, you will know how to properly care for the system and ensure it keeps working for as long as possible. The three things you need to know include each of the following:

1. Exactly What Type of HVAC System the Home Has

The first thing you need to know about your new home's HVAC system is who made it and what type of system it is. For example, your home may have a heat pump or forced-air heater and air conditioner and it could have been made by a wide range of manufacturers depending on its age.

Hopefully the seller left behind an owner's manual for the system. However, if they did not, then you can likely download a free copy from the manufacturer's website. Inside this manual there should be a page that describes the system's warranty and instructions for regular maintenance.

2. Determine What Type of Fuel the HVAC System Uses

Your new home's HVAC system uses either electricity, natural gas, propane gas, or oil for its fuel. Take a look at the system and determine which fuel source your system uses. This is important, because the fuel type it uses will greatly affect your monthly heating and cooling costs.

By knowing what type of fuel the HVAC system is utilizing, you can take active steps to lower your bills. For example, if your system uses electricity to run your air conditioner, then you can avoid running it during peak times to save some money on your power bill.

3. Review All of the Past Maintenance Records if Available

The seller of your home should have left behind all of the home's maintenance and repair records. Look through the pile of paperwork for anything that relates to your new HVAC system.

If there are receipts for past service calls, make note of their dates and how frequent the system has been serviced in the past. These receipts are important, not only because they give you an idea how much money you should budget each year for HVAC system maintenance but they also give you a contact name and phone number at a local HVAC repair company who has experience working on your system. This is a great thing to have, because it gives you the option of calling the same company out in the future when you need a service call.

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