Do you currently have window air conditioners in your home to cool it in the summer? If so, these systems are not the best-looking or most efficient types of AC systems you can have in a home; however, they work well when that is the only option you have. If you want to upgrade to a better AC system, you could consider one of the following options.

Central AC

If your home has a forced-air furnace system, it will already have ductwork in it. The ductwork is what the system uses to transfer heated air to the rooms in your house, and the air then blows out register vents in each room. If you have this type of system, adding a central AC unit to your home will be very simple to do, and the only costs you will have is for the cost of the system and the labor to tie it into your existing system.

With a central AC system, you can control the air in your house with your thermostat. You will then be able to get rid of the window units you currently have for cooling your house.

Ductless system

If you do not have a forced-air furnace system, you probably have some type of boiler that heats your home with water. In this case, you most likely will not have any ductwork in the house. Instead, you will have pipes in the wall that transfer hot water throughout the home and through the radiators in the home. While you could still put in a central AC system by having an HVAC company install ductwork, this could be a very big job, and it could also be costly.

A faster and more affordable option in this situation might be choosing a ductless AC system. This is the type of system you might see in a hotel room, and it is built right into the wall. With this system, you will have one or more wall units installed in your home, and you can control the air with these units.

The nice part about this option is that it doesn't need any ductwork. The other benefit, when compared to window units, is that these systems are a lot quieter. You will barely be able to hear the system run when it is on. The other benefit is that they are extremely efficient to use for cooling purposes.

If you are interested in either of these options or if you would like a quote for services, contact a company that offers air conditioning installation services.