Most people have their HVAC system regularly serviced. For instance, some people have an HVAC technician come to the house for a basic checkup and cleaning once every year. This is definitely something you should do. However, in addition to this regularly scheduled maintenance, you might also need to consider some DIY maintenance. That is, a lot of things can happen in between maintenance that can reduce the efficiency of your system. This article explains how homeowners can do their small part to maintain their HVAC system by regularly cleaning the air registers.

Removing Your Air Registers

Many people don't think about cleaning the air registers or don't imagine it will have a big impact on the efficiency of their system. In reality, it is a very simple job. In fact, it is basically free because you don't need any tools or supplies that you don't already own. Some people clean the outside of their registers on a regular basis when the clean their walls. They might even dust the registers. However, this can actually push dust in between the register blades and create more problems. In reality, you need to remove your registers from the wall if you want to clean them thoroughly.

Registers are usually only attached to the wall with a couple of screws. Some registers will be caulked down along the edges. If this is the case, you will need to cut the caulk with a utility knife. This is one reason why you shouldn't caulk the edges of your registers.

Cleaning Your Registers

Once the registers are off of the wall, they are easy to clean. If you have aluminum, vinyl, or fiberglass registers, they can be cleaned in bulk in your sink, using dishwashing soap and scrubbers. You obviously can't do this if you have wooden registers. Regardless of your register material, there is bound to be a significant amount of build up between the actual blades. The movable hinges can also attract dust. It is also common for metal registers to rust and become more difficult to open and close.

Ultimately, dirty registers are not only going to reduce the airflow, but they are also going to reduce the quality of the actual air blowing into your home. Also, if your registers are difficult to open and close, homeowners are less likely to adjust them. If your registers are not properly adjusted in each room to account for the specific airflow needs of that space, you HVAC is not going to be as effective.

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