The reliability and efficiency of your heater depend on a lot of issues. Obviously, you want your sister to be running at peak efficiency, but this requires some constant TLC. Most people think that the only important HVAC maintenance task is to replace the filter on a regular basis. This is a very important task, but there are some other things to do if you want to keep your system running at 100% efficiency. This article looks at a few easy DIY jobs that can help to keep your heating system in top working order as winter approaches:

Issues With Your Heat Pump

If, when you change your filter, it seems like it gets dirtier than it should in a shorter amount of time, there could be a more serious issue with your heat pump. The pump, which is located outside of your house, is a central component in central heating and air conditioning. It circulates refrigerant through the lines, and also draws warm air out of the house. Basically, it is very important systems, so it needs more attention.

Keeping Your Coils Clean

Keeping your evaporator coils clean is very important to the functionality of your heat pump. These are the metal sheets, with tiny horizontal rows that make up the outside wall of the heat pump. You can easily see them right behind the protective cage. But, you might need to remove the case to thoroughly clean your coils if they are really dirty. Usually, you can clean your coils with just a hose. A moderate amount of water pressure will wash away most of the dirt. However, if you have never cleaned your coils, you might need to use a coil scrub brush to adequately clean them.

Keeping A Clean Fuel Pump

The fuel pump is located inside the furnace, and it needs to be cleaned to function at maximum efficiency. The fuel pump is a small plastic box with tubes coming out. You don't want to mess with these tubes, but you do want to make sure the vents on the plastic boxes are clean and free of clocks. Clogged vents will mean that your pump motor is not running efficiently.

Making sure your furnace's fuel pump and your heating pump's evaporator coils are clean are just two of the most important jobs. These easy projects are great for DIYers who are just trying to make their system a little more efficient. Contact a company like Reid’s AC & Heat for more information and assistance.