The weather during the fall is a time when you are going to stop using your cooling and soon going to be needing your heating. This is also a time of the year when you will want to do maintenance to both the AC and heating systems of your home. You will want to do the last maintenance to the AC for the year and prepare your heating for another cold winter. Here are a few things that can be done to help ensure your HVAC systems is working efficiently:

1. AC Maintenance and Weatherization Before Cold Weather Arrives

During the fall months, maintenance of your AC is important. In early fall, there may be some days when you still need the cooling for your home. First, you want to change all the filters and make sure that the AC system is clean. When the weather begins to get cooler and you are no longer using the AC, it may be a good idea to winterize your AC unit for the winter months. Clean any debris out of the unit and clean it before covering it for the winter months. In addition, use compressed air to clean out water from any condensation drain lines, which can freeze and cause damage or lead to fungus and mold growth.

2. Changing the Filters and Regular Maintenance to The HVAC System

The biggest part of HVAC maintenance is changing the air filters regularly to ensure the system has a good air flow. This is often done every couple of months, but if your home is prone to dust and filters have a lot of dust built up on them when you change them, it is probably a good idea to do your filter changes more often. In addition, it is always important to do filter changes during season changes when you are switching from using an AC to using your home heating system.

3. Cleaning and Preparing Your Heating System for Cold Winter Weather

Before the cold weather arrives, you will want to prepare your heating for the winter months. Start by having the furnace serviced and cleaning. In addition, make sure that the filters are changed and check all the vents in your home. You want air to circulate freely around the furnace and all the air duct vents in your home. 

These are a few maintenance tips that will help ensure your AC and heating are working efficiently all year. Contact an HVAC repair service to help with some of the maintenance you need to have done this fall before you are using your heating. Companies like Advanced Heating & Cooling can help.