Water heater leaks are something that should never be ignored. While a small leak might not seem important, it can be a sign of major problems that need to be corrected as soon as possible. The problem that is causing your hot water heater to leak could be minor, such as a slightly open valve. Or, the problem could be the result of serious issues that will force you to completely replace your hot water heater, such as a corroded hot water heater tank.

Find The Leak With A Paper Towel

Sometimes, it is difficult to determine where the leak is coming from and you will need to dab a paper towel all over the hot water heater until you can identify the source of the leak. Lay paper towels on the ground underneath the hot water heater and you will be able to determine the general location of the leak.

Check The Pipes

Water heaters are powered by gas or electricity. Therefore, you will want to turn the power off or disconnect the gas line before working on one. You may notice that water is spraying from the pipes that bring water to the home. If so, you will need to quickly shut off the main water line. The valve is usually found in the location where the cold water pipe enters your property. Sometimes, the valve can be found right before the hot water heater and will have a red handle. Then, Then, the pipes out of which the water is spraying need to be replaced.

Check The Relief Valve

Another common source of leaks is the relief valve. If the water temperature becomes too hot, this valve sometimes leaks. The water can become too hot when the thermostat is not working, To determine if the thermostat is not working, you will need to use a multi-meter to make sure that the thermostat is powered off. Turn the thermostat to the maximum setting. Then place the multi-meter on setting RX1. Place the multimeter on the terminal screw of the thermostat. If you do not get a reading, this indicates that the thermostat might need tobe replaced. If you notice that it is defective, replacing it can cause your hot water heater to begin functioning correctly. 

Hire A Water Heater Repair Technician

While you may want to save money by repairing your hot water heater yourself, doing so can cost you more money. It is better to hire a professional hot water repair technician who can ensure that the problem causing your leak is fully repaired and who can determine whether it is time for you to purchase a replacement water heater. It may also be unsafe to perform certain hot water repairs without the right training.