If you live in an area where you only need to use your heat every once in a while, you may want to consider having baseboard heating installed in your new home. Baseboard heating consists of several units that are mounted along the baseboards in your rooms. They operate on electricity, radiating heat into your home when needed. Sometimes, they are connected to one thermostat. Other times, they can be operated individually. In moderate climates where you only use your heat occasionally, baseboard heating offers some advantages over installing an entire forced-air system.

Baseboard heating is quiet.

When you only use your heat occasionally, you won't be used to the sounds it makes. Forced air heating is very noisy between all of the blowing and the sounds of the furnace switching on. This may bug you or keep you awake when you're not used to using your heat. Baseboard heating is quiet – you won't hear a thing when it turns on, so you and your family can sleep through the night or concentrate on your work when you do need to use heat.

You don't need to connect a gas line to your home.

If you were to have a forced air system installed, it would likely run on natural gas. Having a gas line run to your home is a lot of hassle to go through just for a heating system you're going to use a few times per year. Plus, you'll likely have a stand-by gas bill to pay even in months you don't use the heat. With electric baseboard heating, you're not adding another utility to your home. You'll just pay for a little more electricity in months that you use the heat.

You can heat just the areas you need warm.

In moderate climates, there are often times when one room feels just a little chilly and you want to raise it a few degrees. With baseboard heating, you can do this. Even systems in which all of the heaters are connected to one thermostat typically let you turn various heaters on and off individually. This is not possible with a forced air system. You have to pay to heat up the whole home, even if you just wish the bathroom or bedroom were a few degrees warmer.

Installation costs are lower.

You can expect to pay between $150 and $200 for each baseboard heater you install. If you have six rooms, this means you'll pay up to $1200 for baseboard heating.  On the other hand, it can cost $10,000 to $20,000 to have a forced air system and the associated ductwork installed in a new home. That's a lot for a heating system you only plan to use on occasion.

If you live in a moderate climate, baseboard heating is an affordable, convenient choice. Talk to a heating company like Advance Care Heating & AC LLC in your area to learn more.