With spring's arrival, it's time to start thinking about enjoying the warm breezes blowing through your home. Along with the warmer weather, there are some things lurking in the distance—dirt and pollen. Small pieces of pollen can make its way into your house, along with other traces of environmental debris. This can lead to a buildup of allergen-causing particles within your air ducts. Here are some ways that having your air ducts cleaned can improve your living space and as well as your overall health.

You Can Clear the Air   

When you have your windows and doors open in the spring; dirt, debris and pollen particles will quickly invade your space. The result is a significant accumulation of dust and bacteria within your living space. Having your home's ductwork cleaned by the pros will help reduce dirt and the amount of dust that gets blown into the air when you run your AC unit. This will make the air that you breathe, a lot cleaner.  

Reduce Odors

Along with dirt, odor-causing substances can easily turn your home into a stinky mess. This can also increase bacteria and mold growth within your walls, floors and other surfaces in your home. No matter how much you vacuum, dust and scrub surfaces, outdoor substances and pollen buildup can trigger certain unpleasant odors. A whole-house air duct cleaning will help trap small particles that you can't see, and safely remove them from your home.

Improve HVAC Efficiency

With a sudden rush of hot days and cooler nights, your HVAC system is getting a real workout. Old dust particles from the winter months are being stirred up and pushed through your furnace's ductwork and heating vents. Springtime is one of the first times of the year that you'll likely start your central air conditioning unit. Make sure that your filter has been replaced to help trap additional incoming pollen and dirt. A clean HEPA filter and sanitized air ducts will reduce the stress on your air conditioner. This helps it run more efficiently and at the same time, keeps electric usage minimal.

Reduce Respiratory Illnesses  

When pollen is released into the air, it can easily reach your nasal passages and lungs, even when you're inside of your home. Millions of people suffer from allergies due to pollen, grass and trees. 

Having your air ducts cleaned and sanitized can help prevent many of these contaminants from reaching the rooms in your home. A professional duct cleaning company will come to your home, vacuum and remove dirt and trapped pollen from your air ducts. They will then add a bacterial barrier to help sanitize the ductwork. This will help make your home's interior a cleaner space and may reduce bothersome allergy symptoms.

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